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McFarlane Steel Spartan exclusive to GameStop

Dustin Burg

Continuing his iron grip on the Halo 3 action figure market, Toddy McFarlane (we call him Toddy, because we're tight) announced a new GameStop exclusive Steel CQB Spartan action figure. The Steel CQB figure (viewable in the gallery below) will be released alongside Series 1 sometime March 2008 and like we said, it'll only be available at GameStop stores.

Another factoid we found interesting was that the figure will come with removable shoulder pads, chest plate and helmet all of which will be interchangeable with other Halo 3 figures. It's an interesting concept and something we haven't heard about, but we know we'll be buying all the variants to build a figure to look like our multiplayer Spartan. Kind of like a Build-A-Spartan Workshop ... or not.


[Thanks, TMD]

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