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Verizon, T-Mobile take top honors in latest J.D. Power survey

Chris Ziegler

We typically expect to see T-Mobile top J.D. Power's wireless customer satisfaction surveys, but it seems Verizon's been sneaking up on the peeps in pink. In Volume 2 of its 2007 study -- Volume 1 having come out in May -- Verizon has ended T-Mobile's 5-period streak atop the rankings, scoring 726 on a 1000 point scale to take the crown. To be fair, T-Mobile slides in just one measly point behind at 725, but it's still gotta smart a bit to lose the title. AT&T, Alltel, and Sprint Nextel round out the top five, scoring 708, 695, and 679, respectively. Not even Verizon really deserves to pop the bubbly here, though, seeing how the survey represents a 12-point slide in industry average satisfaction year over year and a 7-point decline since the last reporting period. Maybe the whole prorated ETF fad will start to turn things around?

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