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Legends of Norrath expansion announced

Michael Zenke

The Legends of Norrath trading card game was only released a few months ago, but already Sony Online Entertainment is planning for the future. This past week they announced the first expansion to the title, Forsworn. Combined with Oathbound, the current card set, Forsworn will open up a series of new options for the player.

Set highlights include:

  • 2 on 2 multiplayer - small scale team combat to change up the game types.
  • New Avatar Races - The high elves and the Iksar will join the game, opening up new Light and Shadow options.
  • Raids - Groups of players, each with their own deck, can team up to take on AI opponents of great power. Players who complete enough of the single-player content can actually run these raid decks against their fellow players.
  • New Loot Cards - Up to twenty new cards representing in-game items will be released with this set.
  • New single-player scenarios, pitting your avatar against the forces that oppose the Seventh Hammer and the Tribunal. The single-player elements will introduce new game concepts, like the Overwhelm, Sentinel, and Reinforce key words.
There's no word yet on when the set will be released, and more features are promised in the future.

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