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Age of Conan's Guardian put under the microscope

Chris Chester

Following on the heels of their report on the Dark Templar, TTH has another interview with Funcom product director Jørgen Tharaldsen, this time focusing on Age of Conan's Guardian class. The Guardians are part of the soldier archetype, their most prominent characteristic being the full plate armor that they bring with them to battle. To quote Tharaldsen, "Guardians are the unassailable rock upon which the waves of battle break." They go on to discuss how Guardians are more than just the AoC equivalent of WoW's prot-specced Warrior; they can switch up their maneuvers on the fly, exploiting enemy weaknesses by taking higher DPS approaches as the situation calls for.

We had hoped that they would choose to mix up the class list a bit more for this running feature. It feels a little redundant for them to be talking about two of the primary tanking classes so close together, when there are other interesting classes like the Bear Shaman or Ranger that they could throw in to add some variety to the gameplay mechanics they discuss. Oh well.

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