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Non-profit group buying games for soldiers

Justin McElroy

From what we've heard, the biggest headache for soldiers serving in Iraq (besides, you know, the constant threat of bodily harm) is the boredom. One soldier's wife, unwilling to let her husband go without entertainment, has mounted an effort to get games to those like her husband. That, friends, is real love. The group is called "Fun For Our Troops," and it's trying to raise cash to purchase games for soldiers abroad.

It's a great effort, and one we'd encourage everyone to participate in if they're so inclined. We'll be interested though to see what games they'll be purchasing. Will they go with first-person shooters? Or titles that feature rapping about terrorism? Or will they find the terrifying place where the two intersect? Even so, it would still be better than their last care package.

[Via GamePolitics]

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