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Patch 2.3 will ruin the game and destroy Azeroth

Matthew Rossi

Okay, so far we've talked a lot about all the good stuff coming in Patch 2.3, and that's great. I'm very excited about it, myself, and I'm sure a lot of you are as well. There are new engineering changes and faster leveling complete with adjustments to old world dungeons, and I for one am very interested to see what happens with Elemental shamans.

So, we've established that there's tons of new stuff coming, and we've detailed and celebrated it. Now, I ask you: what do you hate? What are you least looking forward to? What change to a class, to PvP, to gear, what dungeon changes, what do you really wish wasn't about to happen tomorrow? Are you unhappy with the changes to Alterac Valley? Do you hate the idea of expertise and needing another stat for tanking? Do you just hate the idea of some other class getting buffs to a specific talent tree or see some change as a nerf to your own ability?

Nobody's always happy, and I'm sure there's a few changes in this patch that are irritating you. What are they? Consider this your chance to vent before the storm.

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