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Rumor: The greatest wrestling game of all time could come to the VC


If you had a N64 and friends, then you probably played a couple of different games on the regular. Some game starring a "Bond. Mr. James Bond" or something, called Goldeneye 007, seemed to be the crowd favorite. Another game some would say was quite popular was Mario Kart 64, a game that involved kart racing and some guy with a mustache. Last, but not least (for us, anyway), was a series of wrestling games based on both the WCW and WWF (a magical time when one guy didn't totally destroy what used to be a kind of fun program to watch).

Now, the last amazing wrestling game that the N64 would ever see (and most would agree, gaming as a whole) might be making its way onto the Virtual Console. But, it won't be the same game you remember, because word on the street is that it's to be updated with the current roster of WWE superstars. While we could care less about the new crop of wrestlers, we could easily create all of our old favorites using the awesome character creation mode.

Who else is with us in wanting this game?

[Via Game | Life]

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