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Sony Ericsson sneaks in HBH-PV703 headset with K660 reveal

Chris Ziegler

Tucked deep in the darkest recesses of the press release for Sony Ericsson's K660 candybar, it turns out, lies a little diamond in the rough: the HBH-PV703 Bluetooth headset. Alright, calling it a diamond in the rough might be just a little lofty -- it certainly doesn't look like anything special, after all -- but the company is looking to call some attention to its rather impressive 10 hours of talk time and 350 hours of standby. It's Bluetooth 2.0 compatible and offers up auto-pairing capability, awesome for those incapable of remembering the "0000" that a good 80 percent of headsets on the market use. It'll hit in the first quarter of next year in grey or black; price hasn't been announced and will vary by region, but we're guessing this one lies on the lower end of Sony Ericsson's headset spectrum.

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