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'What They Play' keeps parents in the loop


When 1UP group mastermind John Davison and executive vice president of the Game Group, Ira Becker, bailed out of Ziff Davis Media in August, it was with the intention of starting up a new family entertainment website geared towards parents. "What They Play" is now accessible via the magnificent power of the internets and, as the succinct name suggests, aims to inform parents what interactive filth their kids are currently rolling their brains in. With an online video game glossary (or "videogame," as they seemingly prefer) and explanation of the ESRB rating system, the site aims to demystify some of the game industry's intricacies and back-of-the-box descriptors to an audience less versed in our M-rated 60fps FPS world.

Most helpful is an objective analysis of a given game's activities, violent content and colorful language, presented in a concise and straightforward manner. You won't find reviews here, only a desire to better equip parents for deciding whether their kids should be playing Zack & Wiki or Manhunt 2.

(Bad example, nobody in their mind should play Manhunt 2.)

[Thanks, Jared]

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