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Your post-2.3 engineering checklist

Amanda Miller

With new engineering toys comes the race to gather enough materials to make them, preferably on patch day. The complete list, while daunting, is a necessary checklist every engineer will want to work through.

Assuming that you will want to craft the new Field Repair Bot 110G, as well as the Flying Machine and, if you're a wealthy engineer (oxymoron, I know), the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, you will have some prep-work in addition to gathering materials. For the bot, you will want to be revered with the Consortium and already have flight, as you will need to farm Gan'arg Analyzers in Blade's Edge Mountains.

If you are only crafting basic flight, you will want 350+ engineering skill, level 70, and expert riding skill. If you are looking to make your epic, you will need to make both mounts, as the original is used in crafting its successor. You will also be needing artisan riding skill and engineering 375. If you're not quite there yet, check out Lisa's guide to maxing out your engineering in order to be ready for patch day.

Now that you have all your Gnomish Battle Chickens in a row to make everything that is new, it's time to tackle the hefty list of ingredients.

Here's my roundup of what you're going to need:

Items that require additional reagents

  • Adamantite frame (3)
  • Handful of fel iron bolts (20)
  • Khorium power core (1 + 8 for epic flyer)
  • Fel iron toolbox (1)
  • Elemental seaforium charge (4)
  • Elemental blasting powder (4) (for the seaforium charges)
  • Fel iron casing (3) (for the fel iron toolbox and the seaforium charges)
  • Felsteel stabilizer (8 for epic flyer)
  • Felsteel bar (16)
If you have any of these lying around, don't forget to count up the mats that would have gone into them and put that towards your total! Keep in mind that the parts listed above include any parts needed to make the main parts.

  • Eternium bar (32) or 64 eternium ore
  • Khorium bar (3 + 24 for epic flyer) or 6/48 khorium ore
  • Fel iron bar (107) or 214 fel iron ore. If you are not making your epic flyer, subtract 48 bars or 96 ore.
  • Adamantite bar (18) or 36 adamantite ore
  • Star wood (8) - seek out an enchanting supplier.
  • Primal earth (6)
  • Primal fire (1 + 9 for epic flyer)
  • Hula girl doll (1) - try visiting Griftah!
  • Mote of earth (2)
  • Mote of fire (1)

Check out our screenshot gallery of the engineering flying mount!

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