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Band's name gives them 30 lives

Eric Caoili

We don't know what exactly possessed Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start to name themselves after Konami's famous code, but we're sure that it helps people remember their band name. It also helps bloggers looking for any excuse to write about Contra.

We expected their music to be mostly chiptunes and 8-bit homages -- or, given the manliness of the Contra series and the Contra 4 website, something in the same vein as Team America's "America, F*** Yeah" (NSFW) -- but their songs lean more towards indie rock. There's a stack of downloadable MP3s available for you to sample at the band's site, and they're actually quite listenable!

We've pasted a music video from one of UUDDLRLRBAS's tracks off their Worst Band Name Ever album past the post break for you. While the song won't make beating Contra/Gradius/Jackal any easier, it's not bad!

"I'll Thank You Later":

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