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EQ2 Sarnak character creation video how-to

Dan O'Halloran

Servers are down for the EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark expansion patch and you can't wait to make your new Sarnak. Now you don't have to wait. Almost.

Massively knows you dream of how your new toon is going to look so we are giving you a head start. This 8+ minute video shows all the options in creating a Sarnak at the character creation screen.

Horn length, horn angle, head horns, scale patterns, scale colors, nose, chin and jaw shape. You name it, we covered it. Watch it a few times and when the servers come back up, you'll already know what options you want and you'll be ready to play.

Keep checking in on Massively for the latest news on EQ2: RoK as well as two more videos spotlighting the unique characteristics of the Sarnak coming your way today.

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