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Forum post of the day: Patch 8.4 notes


Patch days always bring rumors of the next patch -- but I've got to say, this is the first time I've seen rumors of the patch 50ish patches from now.

Zuzupetals starts off the madness by asking if anyone else had heard if 8.4 would be holodeck compatible. Other notable rumors of 8.4 include:

  • Polymorph: Murloc now works on Murlocs.
  • The druid Overmind form has been fixed.
  • The new Player vs. Player system of 6.0 has been removed due to major HMOs declining medical insurance for WoW players, and has been replaced with the old Character vs. Character system.
  • In Alterac Valley, Drek'thar and Vann Stormpike have been moved to a floating island surrounded by Monstrous Kaliri with an improved daze rate to prevent exploiting.
  • Ender Wiggin has made his arena team consisting of him, and him alone - he plays in the 1v25 bracket (2890 rating)
  • Blessing of Protection has a new graphic. A large neon sign saying "Purge me" will appear above the target's head.
  • Bug fixes for the quests given by five hundred animals to kill Hemet Nesingwary, Hemet Nesingwary Jr., and Hemet Nesingwary III.
  • WoW = Waiting on World-ending-due-to-the-sun-burning-out.

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