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LotRO dev chat is silent on new info

Dan O'Halloran

Stratics hosted another developer chat, this time with the Lord of the Rings Online staffers. The topic was Book 12, but unfortunately not much was revealed that we didn't already learn in the LotRO German dev chat earlier this month.

Without the class developer on hand, all Guardian and Burglar revamp questions were deflected. As were most other inquiries. It seems that the developers couldn't answer many questions at all. But here is the little that I was able to glean from them.

Housing improvements in Book 12 include being able to use Bound items for decoration and house items will be able to be rotated on their hooks. There is also a "high likelihood" that alts will be able to use the recall to home feature of other characters on the same account.

Other notes:

  • There are no plans for additional mounts in-game other than horses.
  • A barber shop is being added so players can change their hairstyle or add a scar for a price.
  • The new outfitter function that will allow you to wear one set of equipment for stats and another for display will not function in Monster Play.
  • Guardians may be getting better at initiating Fellowship Maneuvers.
  • The Lorebook wiki will be accessible in-game soon.
And, um, that's it. I wish they had pushed off this chat until the staff had more to say, but without their class dev or the content on the Test server, the most they could do was vague promises of "wait and see."

A complete transcript of the chat can be found on Stratics LotRO page.

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