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The Office game is better than you'd think

Justin McElroy

When thinking of TV shows to transform into games, The Office isn't the first on the list. The show is light on the sort of sophomoric hijinx that usually passes for humor in games and pretty heavy on the talking. That said, the casual game version of NBC's hit show actual fares a bit better than one might expect, earning a four-star review from Gamezebo.

If you've played Diner Dash, you're already familiar with the time management fetch-and-return gameplay of The Office, though there's an added twist of competing against another cubicle dweller. Judging from the demo we played, the writing's nowhere near as sharp as the TV show's (big surprise), but it's at least true enough to be respectful. (We do, however, take umbrage with the addition of a laugh track to some of the game. Seriously, guys? A laugh track?) We're not sure it would qualify as a necessary purchase, but fans of the show will probably find a few minutes of diversion.

(Full disclosure: The author occasionally contributes to Gamezebo.)

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