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I am not there. I do not die.

Matthew Rossi

Frequent commenter Heraclea, in commenting on John's post about Pleasant Patch Surprises, managed to do just that as far as I'm concerned. Mentioning that a new questgiver in Stormwind was giving out an odd delivery quest to a person on the Aldor Rise in Shattrah, I decided this needed exploration. To make it harder on myself, I hopped onto my night elf warrior, a poorly geared 70 Scryer, to see if the quest was limited to Aldor only.

After a brief sidetrack in Stormwind where I did an old level 10 warrior quest requiring me to beat a drunk up for his mug and made an astonishing 4 gold for the whole experience, I made my way to Stormwind Keep and sure enough, a little girl gave me Alicia's poem and some gold to deliver it to Shattrah. Amazingly, I was able to ride right onto the Aldor rise and hand the poem to Caylee Dak, a night elf huntress.

The poem is based upon this one, which is somewhat famous as a remembrance or funeral poem, with some changes to make it work for Azeroth and Outland. This quest reminds me slightly of the Letter of Sully Ballou quest in that it was inspired by a real life writing. It's an interesting easter egg that reminded me, as someone living in Canada, that Remembrance Day was this week and for you Americans, Veteran's Day was as well. Yet another real life holiday making it into Azeroth? I don't know, but I would find it very interesting if this is how they chose to do it, and somewhat fitting.

Edit: Risa in the comments provides this link to add some context.

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