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Interplay to rez Fallout MMO project, looking for funds

Chris Chester

In an announcement that coincided with their third quarter earnings report, Interplay revealed that they were officially reopening their internal development house. What are they working on, we hear you ask? Why, wouldn't you believe it, they are looking to kick-start production of an MMOG based on none other than the revered Fallout series, to which they still own the rights. According to CEO Herve Caen, they're still in the process of securing funding. Interestingly, Interplay also announced that they've hired Jason Anderson, one of the designers for Fallout 2 -- not for the Fallout MMO, but for another as yet unannounced MMO.

So what have we gleaned from this? The mysterious Bethesda MMO will definitely not be Fallout, so we can put that rumor to rest. Interplay definitely will be developing the Fallout MMO. And moreover, it appears their strategy moving forward is heavily focused in the massively multiplayer genre. With no other currently announced projects besides Fallout and the unnamed MMO, it appears Interplay is joining the long list of development houses looking to cash in on the MMO craze. To say this makes us worried about the future of the Fallout MMO is a bit of an understatement. We don't harbor much faith in Interplay's management at this point. Just look at their website, if you an indicator of their current financial straits.

[Via Gamasutra]

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