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Marvel MMO may be our rumored canceled game

Dustin Burg

Ah ha! We think we've come across the unlucky winner of this week's canceled Microsoft game search. And unlike the Price is Right, this winner doesn't get a new dishwasher, car or get to play Plinko. Instead, it's (possibly) getting canceled.

According to whispers into 1UP's ears, the rumor is true and we'll soon find out that (wait for it ...) Marvel Universe Online will be getting axed. This game collaboration between Marvel, Microsoft and Cryptic Studios has been years in the making, but hasn't been openly discussed since an interview way back in 2006. And the odd thing about this Marvel MMO is that nobody (and we mean nobody) is confirming that the game is even in development. Microsoft refuses to talk, Marvel is very hush and Cryptic Studios sidesteps questions when asked. Only time will tell, but even if Marvel Ultimate Online isn't the rumored canceled game, it should still be watching its back. There's definitely some management and development issues going on there. Or maybe they're just being super secret.

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