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Paint by DS trailer shows gameplay footage

Candace Savino

We're definitely intrigued by Paint by DS, a digital coloring book of sorts, seeing as we're such horrible artists ourselves. Granted, it's a niche title if there ever was one, yet we're very much charmed by this little nongame.

Still, some things about it just don't sit too well with us. One off-putting thing is that there are themed versions of the game. The theme game showcased above was "Military Vehicles," and we have to wonder, how many of you out there are just dying to color in tanks? It seems like an odd choice, especially when mixed with the peaceful music of the above trailer.

If you're like us and don't appreciate the themes, though, you can always get the regular version of the game, which is filled with some artistic masterpieces that you'll probably recognize. We might even see other themes in the future, ones that actually appeal to us, so all isn't lost.

If you're in Australia and Japan you might have even tried this nongame already. It won't come to Europe until next week and the US until, oh, sometime next year.

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