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Shaman surprise

Zach Yonzon

A lot of surprises came with the awesome Patch 2.3. Shamans, in particular, have been getting a lot of unintended love. The recent three-hour server maintenance found a lot of Shamans on the WoW forums talking about getting free re-specs, after a bug in the recent patch gave some Shamans an additional Talent Point to spend in creatively undesirable ways. Reports have trickled in that some players' Shamans got their Talents wiped clean while others, such as WoW Insider's Mike Schramm, did not. The irony is that a lot of Shamans had already paid their hard-earned Gold to re-spec thanks to the buff-flavored goodness of 2.3 only to find that they had their Talent Points refunded a day later.

What about you guys who play Shamans? Did you get your Talent Points refunded? If yes, did you use the free re-spec to choose a new build or take the same Talents you've known and loved? Were you among the over-eager mobs who spent for a re-spec as soon as the servers came back on last Tuesday?

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