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SingStore pricing unveiled - a quid per song

Jem Alexander

With only three weeks and two days until Singstar finally gets released, Sony has decided to answer some of the burning questions regarding the game. The disc will come with 30 songs on it - a nice selection actually - but will also be complemented by the much-hyped SingStore. This online marketplace will have 44 songs on launch day with updates occurring regularly (the first of which is scheduled for December 17th) with around 350 being released over the coming months. All of these songs will be downloadable whilst the game is being played, meaning a party atmosphere can still be maintained without having to watch a progress bar.

Some of these 44 songs are technically already available on previous Singstar versions for the PS2 (of which there are many), but we're promised that there will be some all new tracks as well. This is particularly great for Americans - even though they won't get the game until next year - who don't have access to all the Singstar PS2 games that Europeans do. The price of these downloadable tracks will be £0.99 (€1.49) each. Pretty much a perfect price, from our point of view - more than £1.50 would have had us donning our bowler hats, bowing to the gentleman behind the counter and strolling out of the SingStore without looking back.

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