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DirecTV extends their HD lineup, again

Ben Drawbaugh

For a few weeks there, we got accustomed to DirecTV adding new HD channels every week. But for the last month they only added two, until yesterday where they once again raised the HD provider bar and added another slew of HD channels. By DirecTV's count, they've added 23 new HD channels yesterday, but while we love HD sports, we do have a problem counting regional sports networks that only offer programming when a game is on. Either way, they've added five new HD channels that are new to everyone and another five HD PPV channels. This brings the total to 55 HD channels, which is far more than any other provider. Now if they'd only get a deal to bring back TiVo.

  1. Nickelodeon (Channel 299 )
  2. Spike HD (Channel 325)
  3. Country Music Television (Channel 327 )
  4. MTV HD (Channel 331)
  5. VH1 HD (Channel 335)
5 High Definition Pay Per View Channels

13 game time only high definition Regional Sports Channels

  1. Comcast Sports Net New England HD (Channel 620-1)
  2. FSN South HD (Channel 630-1)
  3. SportsSouth HD (Channel 631-1)
  4. Sun Sports HD (Channel 632-1)
  5. FSN Florida HD (Channel 634-1)
  6. FSN Ohio HD (Channel 637-1)
  7. FSN Cincinnati HD (Channel 638-1)
  8. FSN North HD (Channel 641-1)
  9. Altitude HD (Channel 644-1)
  10. FSN Rocky Mountain HD (Channel 645-1)
  11. FSN Arizona HD (Channel 649-1)
  12. FSN Northwest HD (Channel 651-1)
  13. FSN Bay Area HD (Channel 654-1)

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