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Faydwer: EQ's 14th expansion is live


Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment took the EverQuest Live servers down for a Game Update in order to launch Secrets of Faydwer. Now that it's live, though, are you ready for it?

Obviously, being a Massively successful EverQuester, you took the opportunity to review the beta tour, and I'm sure you've visited the Faydwer gallery, but have you spent some time looking at the luscious screen shots and glorious movies SOE made available from its main page?

If you have, and you're looking for more information on the Secrets of Faydwer expansion, don't forget to check out the EQ Player's page dedicated to all things Faydwer. Whether you're looking for an overview of what the expansion contains, or you're looking to discuss the expansion in the official forums, SOE has gone out of its way to make the search for information as painless as possible.

The same, of course, cannot be said of the raids. Then again, who wants their alts to live forever?

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