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HDNet to stay on DirecTV's total choice for now

Ben Drawbaugh

Our favorite HD channel has been part of DirecTV's total choice package as long as we can remember and while there has always been a fee to have access to DirecTV's HD programming, now DirecTV wants to charge another $5 a month to access HDNet and HDNet Movies. We've heard this over and over again, networks just hate to be on a tier, and as a result many have sued various providers in an attempt to widen their audience. Now, thanks to a temporary injunction, HDNet will remain free to everyone -- which isn't really saying much, since everyone is currently getting the HD Extra Pack for free anyways. In the long run, we can see HDNet's point on this one, and while we respect the fact that tiers can be a good thing for providers and customers, we hope Mark wins this one. Oh, and while you got the lawyers billing you hourly Mark, why not add bit-starving to the case while you're at it?

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