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NAD intros trio of new receivers

Steven Kim

NAD has launched its new generation of A/V receivers, the T 765, T 775 and T 785 (pictured). As is customary for the brand, they've taken their own approach to feature implementation. Case in point: while most companies tout 1080P upconversion, NAD is performing a simple transcode of video signals to the HDMI 1.3 ports. As we mentioned on this week's podcast, this approach counts on your display's internal scaler being up to snuff. So if you're considering one of these units, get a demo with your specific display (or scaler) to evaluate the results. All three models have Audyssey Auto Set-Up and MultEQ to ease the process of getting your settings dialed in, and have TI's Aureus DSP for decoding. There's a raft of other features, but rest assured that NAD has stayed true to its "Music First" approach, emphasizing audio quality over pure specs. In time for the holidays, you can pick these up now: $1999, $2499 and $2999 for the T 765, T 775 and T 785, respectively.

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