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Option intros iCON 225 USB modem for HSDPA

Chris Ziegler

First generation 3G USB modems were monstrous, unsightly bricks, but like everything else in modern electronics, the wonders of miniaturization are starting to take effect. Option's joining the party with its iCON 225, a 63 x 26 x 13mm stick that Option says responds "to the growing market demand for very small yet high-performance wireless solutions" -- in other words, yeah, we like 'em tiny. HSUPA sadly doesn't make the cut here, but the iCON 225 does include support for a mighty 7.2Mbps of downstream data when hooked up to an HSDPA network that supports such blazingly fast speeds. The modem's already shipping to carriers, so look for it to start showing up in retail channels very shortly.

[Via Electronista]

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