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Penny Arcade doles out criticism of Assassin's Creed criticism

Dan Dormer

Plenty of review outlets have given Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed extremely favorable scores -- GamePro, GameSpot, GameTrailers, and Game Informer all scored the game at 90/100 or better. However, certain outlets found the game less appealing, and judged it as a 70/100 -- 1UP, EuroGamer, and GameSpy -- and Penny-Arcade's Gabe isn't buying what they're selling.

"If Assassin's Creed actually was a 7.0 game I'd tell you," said Gabe in Wednesday's news post. "I also want you to know that when I tell you it's fucking incredible I'm not bullshitting you because we're running ads for the game." He then goes on to comment specifically on the complaints he's read in various reviews:

  • Bad ending: "It was an extremely satisfying ending to this chapter of the game. Chapter is the important word here. This is a huge story, probably a trilogy at least. The game does end with a cliff hanger and it certainly sets up the rest of the arc but that's how the first part of any multi part story ends. If Star Wars had ended with Luke jumping into his X-Wing to go take on the Death Star that would be a shitty fucking ending. It doesn't though, Luke destroys it and then we get hints about what's in store for our heroes. I'm telling you right now Altair destroys his Death Star."
  • Repetitive, boring: "Imagine what an open ended sandbox title must look like to a reviewer especially right now. How many games do they have piling up on their desks? A game like Assassin's Creed isn't meant to be played under a deadline. You shouldn't be trying to beat it as fast as you can so you can move on to Mass Effect or Mario Galaxy. As soon as I gave myself a deadline all of a sudden I understood all their complaints. It was like a fucking Escher painting. I had put myself in their shoes and suddenly the landscape flipped and I could see games from their perspective. In the end I wasn't angry at them for their bad reviews. I actually just felt bad for them."
If you picked up Assassin's Creed, are you enjoying it like Gabe (and we) are, or do you think the 7s are deserved? And please, just because the artist likened Altair and Assassin's Creed to Star Wars doesn't mean we need to start comparing him to a Jedi -- so don't.

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