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Poll: Do you prefer your sports live or in HD?

Darren Murph

Considering that we've seen not one, but two surveys in recent months suggesting that individuals tend to prefer watching sports in the comfort of their own HDTV-equipped homes versus showing up in person, we're quite curious to see how this crowd feels. The question's pretty simple: given the choice, would you show up (face paint and all) on gameday, or would you kick back with a fresh bag of Cheetos and utilize that HD service you've spent your hard earned cash on? We know this may vary by sport / team, but we're lumping all sports together to get a general consensus. Feel free to give your input below, and sound off on your choice in comments.

P.S. - For whatever it's worth, this particular editor would take a seat in Carter-Finley any day over an HD broadcast.


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