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Survey sez: nearly half of America prefers football on HDTV versus in-person

Darren Murph

We know, the hardcore fanatics out there aren't likely to believe these results, but according to a recent survey commissioned by Motorola, some 45-percent of Americans would prefer to watch collegiate / professional football games on an HDTV rather than attending -- which certainly mirrors the conclusions drawn by a similar survey conducted earlier this year. Furthermore, only 32-percent of those questioned stated that they outright preferred live matches to those shown in HD, while the other segment was apparently indifferent. Not surprisingly, Moto attributes the results to our growing fascination with HD sports, but we have to believe the unprecedented rise in ticket prices has something to do with all of this as well. Still, even we can't deny the allure of getting all up in the huddle at 1080i, and given the alternative of sitting in costly nosebleed seats in sub-freezing temperatures, it's hard to pass up the former.

[Via ConnectedHome2Go]

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