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TotalHD gets the axe

Steven Kim

Warner's proposed "TotalHD" dual Blu-ray / HD DVD format has been given the axe. It's the final act of the all-too-familiar three part play: announcement, delay and cancellation. TotalHD was aimed at cooling down the format war and addressing "buyer hesitancy," but in an exclusive interview with High-Def Digest, the studio announced it had shelved all plans for the format. Between the "with us or against us" vibe in the two HDM camps and Paramount's move to HD DVD, there's just no place for the format in the retail space. That pretty much kills the format before questions about consumer desire even enter the conversation. Warner has left the door open for TotalHD to reappear if other studios go format neutral, but we're not holding our breath for that to happen any time soon.

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