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VUDU lines up studios to provide HD content

Ben Drawbaugh

One of our biggest problems with the VUDU box is about to be resolved. We're not saying the video quality is bad now, but we think that paying $400 for a STB, just to rent movies that look as good as DVD, is a hard pill to swallow. But, now it appears VUDU is well on its way to adding real HD content -- just as it promised at CEDIA -- as it has signed agreements with the studios to get the deal done. The press release is very thin on details, so we don't know when to expect HD content or if it'll be 1080p, but we'd bet the audio will remain at Dolby Digital plus. We really like the idea of downloading movies, but the HD would have to look pretty darn good for us to live with our movies trapped in yet another STB on top of our HDTV using up one of our precious HDMI ports.

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