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40GB PS3 coming to India by December

Chris Powell

With India home to the world's second-largest population, it only makes sense for Sony to devote some attention to the country. According to Atindriya Bose, India's PlayStation country manager, Sony is doing just that as it's set to launch the 40GB PS3 in December.

"We are currently selling the 60GB PS3, the 40GB PS3 has been launched in many of the European markets, it's just a logistics issue that we might have around one, one and a half month delay," he said. "By the time we hit December, you will have the 40GB PS3 in the [Indian] market at a price point that matches the European market."

While the 40GB looks destined to hit India by the close of the year, Sony is also looking into adding PS3 starter packs, as well, Bose said. Either way you look at it, it's clear that Sony plans to dominate the world with the 40GB PS3 one country at a time.

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