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Amazon opens voting for heavily discounted systems

Kyle Orland

While all three current-gen consoles are selling pretty well at their current prices, their MSRPs apparently aren't low enough for Amazon. The popular retail site is offering the opportunity to get a Wii for $79, an Xbox 360 Arcade for $99, or a 40GB PS3 for $139.

Before you go running off to make your order, there is a catch. Only the system that gets the most votes in the first round of Amazon's "Customers Vote" promotion will be offered at the reduced price. What's more, the offer will only be extended to 1,000 randomly-selected voters who picked the most popular choice. This last wrinkle could lead to some interesting strategic votes, as some voters might pick their second-choice system if they don't think their favorite has a chance to win. Is there a game theory expert in the house? (Update: Apparently, those who vote for the losing systems still have a chance to get their choice at a smaller discount. See this page for more details. Thanks Roger).

You may remember that last year Amazon offered a $100 Xbox 360 as part of a similar voting promotion, and the system won handily against some admittedly weak competition. Will Microsoft's console reign supreme now that its up against its peers? We'll find out on Nov. 22, when first round voting concludes.

[Via WiiFanboy]

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