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Halcyon adapting Terminator for new game

Justin McElroy

If you're looking at it objectively, Terminator should be the best video game license in the known universe. It's a story about a robot who travels through time to kill other robots. Doesn't that just scream GOTY? Puzzlingly though, the franchise has had mixed success in its interactive form. Now it seems a new, untested publisher will be taking the reins, and fans can expect the streak of disappointing Terminator games to finally ... continue.

Halcyon, the studio that picked up the rights to Terminator, is working on a new game based on their upcoming film Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Both are due in mid-2009. Both are also their first projects, but we already know one thing they're bad at: Naming things. ... Oh, and filling us with confidence. So, two things.

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