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Lantic Systems unveils gilded $30000 RC 1 remote control

Darren Murph

Here at Engadget HQ, we've no particular issues with superfluousness, but we're just hard pressed to believe that anyone could find value in a $30,000 remote control. Granted, we'd certainly have a change of heart if said remote could grant a trio of wishes, create a clone to handle our 9-to-5 and serenade us on command, but unfortunately, Lantic Systems' RC 1 does none of the above. The discuss-shaped device only offers up control of one's DVD player, TV, CCTV / security setup, audio system, lights, curtains, HVAC and any other standard AV component, all of which can be taken care of for a Toyota or so less. Interestingly, the outfit doesn't even mention how much gold you're really getting here, but considering that those signed on to bring one home likely posses more money than sense, that tidbit probably isn't a dealbreaker.

[Via BornRich]

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