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Lars & Ivan's PA-40Ti Hybrid power amplifier / iPod dock

Darren Murph

We've no qualms with a manufacturer thinking outside of the box in order to differentiate its iPod docking station from the myriad competitors, but Lars & Ivan's PA-40Ti takes it one step beyond customization. This Hybrid power amplifier / iPod dock sports a design that SNL's Nuni and Noony are sure to adore, and features a total output of 40-watts RMS, a frequency response of 22Hz - 22kHz, signal-to-noise ratio of 67dB, four-channel input selector (phono / CD / aux / iPod), a headphone jack and a dedicated subwoofer output. Additionally, this thing includes video out and a remote control, and while it will run you a stiff €233 ($341), your collection of industrial metal will be totally in love.

[Via Technabob]

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