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See what seems to be first footage of Ghostbusters game

Justin McElroy

So we're not sure what to tell you about this supposed clip of the recently-announced Ghostbusters game from Dutch site Game1. It looks really good to us, but so did the Zootfly version we saw a few months ago, and that turned out to be a side project some company was putting together for laughs, so it's hard to say. Speaking of which, this video has a similarity to those first YouTube clips we saw of the Zootfly game, though this is way more polished.

So, we present the above video to you as is, with no guarantees as to its authenticity, other than logic and our own gut instinct. Of course, it would probably be easier to tell what was going on if, you know, the whole thing wasn't in Dutch. Side note: If you want to see something that we know is official, check out this teaser for the game.

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