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TuneCore offers iTunes Music Video sales


Earlier this year, I posted about TuneCore, a service that allows you to sell your music on iTunes. Now TuneCore has given us the heads up that the service has expanded to include Music Video sales. You can upload your music videos to iTunes and sell them alongside all the normal music labels.

Selling your music video is kinda pricey. Expect to pay $125 plus $20/year for a 5 minute-or-less video. Compare that with the $20 you'd pay to upload an album with eight tracks that I priced out in my original post.

Unfortunately, the service I'd really like to see isn't there yet. You can't use this feature to host non-music videos. TuneCore writes that iTunes has a different set of standards for short films, shows and movies and that you can only sell music videos at this time. Hopefully regular videos will soon follow because I know of a lot of wedding videographers, ballet and karate schools, and other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who would love to get access to the iTunes store to sell their products.

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