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UT3's 360 development just postponed, will resume in '08

Dustin Burg

Epic's Mark Rein sometimes says one thing, then says another in a different way, then says he said what he said in the first place to be true, but just mistaken. And that's exactly what happened when Rein talked about development on the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 only starting in 2008.

The merciless folks at Joystiq shot off an email to Mr. Rein to get more inside into the UT3 development drama after finding out that OXM already played the game on the 360 in light of the fact that Rein said the game was only starting development in 2008. Rein clarified his remarks and responded:

"What I probably should have said was 'start working on it again.' We had the game up and running on all three platforms up until last spring. In fact Official Xbox Magazine came out and played the game for a great cover story they did on it. We stopped working on the 360 version so we could concentrate our efforts on shipping the various PC and PS3 versions. Once we get those out of the way, and take some time to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families, we'll start working on the 360 version again."

There you have it. Xbox 360 UT3 has been in development, but is now in standby mode and will be picked up after the holidays. Clarification is a good thing.

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