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We don't need your officer chat, we don't need your guild control

Matthew Rossi

Tipster Nurz from guild Hellscreams Mercenaries emailed us to mention that his guild has a very interesting policy. He claims that their intention from the start was to form a 'differently run guild', one without officer chat or hidden decision making processes invisible to the rank and file membership. So they abolished guild chat and make all decisions in a guildhall channel open to all members, discussing recruiting, member performance and other such topics openly and in front of everyone. If you visit their website, it seems to be working out for them so far.

What this makes me ponder is, are they just lucky or is this kind of transparency something you could apply to any guild? I mean, I like my current guild a lot but even so we have personality clashes from time to time, feelings are hurt, people feel slighted, runs go bad and the temptation to point a finger is always there. Are the Mercenaries simply on a countdown to some player or another going ballistic over a hurt ego or have they in fact found a way to avoid guild drama altogether by doing everything out in the open, in front of everyone? Could this work for your guild? It's tempting to imagine a guild where everyone has a say in what happens, but at the same time when I've been in dedicated raid guilds it's always been my experience that a few people who work the hardest preparing strategies and gathering the proper mats for every encounter end up running the show. Is it inevitable, or has the better way just never been found until now?

As long as it keeps working for the Mercs, more power to them. I don't know if I'd be able to function in such a guild, but I know I'm debating bringing it up with my guildmates in the future as we move into more serious raiding.

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