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One Shots: Question Manticore


Our own Jonathan Northwood offers this shot of high-end City of Heroes content straight from the pages of Issue 11. Jonathan brings us up to speed on the story (yes, these could be spoilers for some of you):

The concept is drawn from the Trading Places storyline in Top Cow's City of Heroes comic (Issues 10 – 12), when Manticore is kicked from the Freedom Phalanx, and winds up teaming with the Vindicators for a short while. He apparently defects to Recluse's side; however, in the dénouement, it's seen that he took these actions in order to get more information on what Recluse is doing. The mission this screenshot is from was the fourth in the Mender Silos Task Force: your team and some of the Vindicators (Swan, Ms. Liberty, and Mynx) are sent to Siren's Call to find out what's going on with Manticore, and wind up being tasked with taking him down.

For tomorrow's One Shots, we're turning the reins over to all of you -- what game do you want to see featured? Let us know in the comments!

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