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Actual resolutions of PS3 games revealed

Nick Doerr

An interesting part of this cycle of consoles is the idea of "True HD" gaming -- that is, playing games in full 1080p. Most games, however, come in the 720p flavor ... at least, on their packaging. The Beyond3D forums fell into a discussion about these touted resolutions and wound up with some results that may interest you. Upscaling seems to be a major cause of what we see as "True HD" gaming.

Really, most of the jargon is above our heads, but if you're a real statistic buff, you'll find the entry by member Arwin most revealing -- subsequent corrections aside. The funny thing is the games that actually appear to be 1080p are the downloadable PSN titles, while most everything else suffers in some aspect. Especially The Darkness. 1024x576, really? It's an interesting read if you want to see what resolution you're actually playing in and if you're upscaling, downscaling, or just screwing around with the game's picture thanks to your TV. Or something.

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