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Breakfast Topic: Would you pre-BC raid with your alt?

Dan O'Halloran

Player Vaporize of the Eredar server is forming a new Horde guild to use the leveling increase in order to play through the older pre-BC raid dungeons. He wants to restrict guildmembers from acquiring Outland gear or use TBC talent points. This guild is strictly for pre-BC raiding.

While I applaud his attempt to recapture the glory of early WoW raiding, I think he may be surprised how old it quickly gets. The "good old days" are exactly that: in the past and staying there. It's like being a grown up and trying to sleep in your toddler bed. Mostly you're just going to embarrass yourself.

But I know the I'm often in the minority in my opinion, so I throw it out to you, loyal readers. Is it worth the time and effort to recapture the fun of pre-BC raiding or will the lure of Outalnd greens that exceed old world purples doom this guild?

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