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One Shots: Were you there when...

Ahh, bragging rights. In-game events give us the ability to say "I was there when..." We've almost all seen one larger world event at some point in our gaming lives. The above World of Warcraft picture, as my personal example, was from the night that Ahn'Quiraj opened on my server. While there were most definitely huge server crashes, we braved the worst of it and saw our way through to wind up staring at an enormous collection of Anubisath, poised and ready to stomp our faces in. (For the record, they did exactly that a few moments later -- but what can you expect from a Mage, a Priest and a Druid attacking them for fun?)

As we're looking for more One Shots submissions, I hereby challenge you, good readers -- send in your bragging rights screen shots and stories! Were you there when Morpheus walked among us in The Matrix Online? Do you have screens of when Luclin came in EverQuest? Were you around for the opening of the Dark Portal in WoW? Send them along to us at, and you could find your screen-shot and story featured here for all to see!

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