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Microsoft's Bach sees no competition for Xbox Live


Speaking to the Los Angeles Times (registration required), Xbox chief Robbie Bach has concisely explained just what he thinks about the ostensible Xbox Live competitor, PlayStation Network. That is to say, not much. In fact, it seems we were getting carried away by even calling it a competitor, as Bach believes that particular category remains unoccupied. "It's fair to say that Xbox Live is clearly head and shoulders above anything anyone else has tried to do," says Bach. "We don't have competition."

Surely, being an online service offering downloads and multiplayer puts it in the same league? "Sony has done some things online, but nothing that can be called a service. We have a big advantage and we're going to keep pressing that advantage." Bach is right in stressing the Xbox 360's cohesive and consistent online integration as a strength, but to outright dismiss the folks that have one highly alluring advantage (hint: free) smacks of overconfident ship captains sailing through arctic waters. The PSN is currently beleaguered with PS3 interface issues and flaky developer support, but none of these are impossible to resolve. After all, Microsoft should know more than anyone that the right content (and the right game) can be just the thing to kick-start online en masse.

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