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Reader UI of the Week: Kirrina


For this week's edition of Reader UI of the Week, we're featuring a pretty swank layout designed by Kirrina, L70 Night Elf Hunter of <Kiss of Ysera> from Emerald Dream, EU. For those of you curious of all the mods at work on this setup, here's what Kirrina had to say:

The focus here is to clear the majority of my screen so that I can just enjoy the game, seeing the really rather nice graphics that Blizz have made the effort to produce. I'm the raid leader in our Karazhan raids, so I also need to see how the raid is doing, have the healers got enough mana, who's targeting who and so on.

So, on to the addons:


  • Bongos 2* - for the basic positioning of my action bars, map, character menu etc.
  • eePanels2 - for the semi-transparent panel at the bottom of the screen. I don't feel the need for some major piece of artwork, I just want it clean.
  • AutoBar - gives me easy access to my consumables (bottom right)
Fubar -- Shows a bar at the top and bottom (hidden) of the screen with information about a lot of things. (Most of these are pretty self-explanatory.) Includes:
  • AmmoFu
  • ClockFu
  • DPS
  • DurabilityFu
  • ExperienceFu
  • FactionsFu
  • FriendsFu
  • GuildFu
  • ItemBonusesFu
  • MoneyFu
  • PetInfoFu
  • ToFu
Unit frames
  • ag_UnitFrames -- including aUF_Banzai, aUF_Layouts, aUF_RangeCheck - this displays clean & simple unit frames for myself & my party, but more importantly it highlights the current party member who has aggro.
  • SCT, SCTd - for the scrolling combat text (and damage) on the screen
  • WitchHunter / Antagonist - spell alerts to see what mobs are casting
  • BanzaiAlert - alerts me when I get aggro
  • Recount - damage meters (bottom right)
  • MainAssist - shows me what everyone in my group (5 mans) or the MT targets (raids) are targetting so I can assist them. I haven't quite figured out how to turn off ORA2 assists, which is why I have both on screen (bottom-ish left) at the same time.
  • MobHealth - estimates mob health
  • ORA2, sRaidFrames, XRS - CT Raid equivalent
  • Deadly Boss Mods* - boss warnings
  • Omen / ThreatLib - threat meters (bottom right)
  • Incubator - respawn timer
  • zHunterMod* - drop down (or up) menus for traps, aspects, tracking etc.
  • King of the Jungle - pet feeder
  • Sorren's Timers - timer bars, for shots, marks & traps
  • Baggins, Baggins_Search - all in one bag, allows you to set up custom grouping of items (i.e. for Auction)
  • ClosetGnome - switch gear sets
  • CharacterInfo - see all your characters inventory
  • Loot: ItemSync, AtlasLoot
  • Chat: Prat
  • Maps: Cartographer
  • Unit Tooltips: CowTip
  • Mail: Postal
  • Buffs: ElkBuffBars
  • Quests: nQuestLog, Lightheaded* - shows you the comments from wowhead for each quest
And the rest
  • DeuceCommander - Fubar config
  • EQCompare - allows me to compare items
  • ErrorMonster - traps errors, very useful for my Steady Shot/Kill Command macro
  • RatingBuster - breaks down combat ratings into real percentages
  • HunterAEP - allows me to weight items to find out whether an item is actually an upgrade in real terms
  • Mendeleev - lots of information added to tooltips
  • BugSack - captures bugs from addons
Wow! That's a lot of different mods, but it certainly comes out into one really nice looking package. I can't speak to the Hunter mods, as I don't happen to have a Hunter past level 22, but I use many of the same ones in my setup and I know I can't live without them. (Note: this was sent in pre-2.3, so we make no guarantee on the availability of some of these mods post-patch.)

If you're interested in showing off your UI for all of our readers to see, just drop me a mail at with your character info, screens of your UI, and all the information. Your setup may be featured next for everyone to check out!

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