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Samsung U900 FlipShot coming to Verizon this week?

Chris Ziegler

This one's been cookin' for a while, so we really don't have a hard time believing phoneArena's claim that the Samsung u900 "FlipShot" -- a 3 megapixel hottie that looks to succeed the venerable a990 -- will be shipping this coming Wednesday, November 21. Though the u900's both thinner and lighter than the model it replaces, make no mistake that this thing happily sacrifices portability for multimedia capability. First up, you've got that 3 megapixel sensor protected by an automatic lens cover, a swiveling display, external music controls, and TV out (though phoneArena reports that the cable will sell separately). If everything goes according to plan, look for the u900 in a few days for $199 on contract.

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