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    Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 HD DVD review roundup


    Paramount's Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 HD DVD boxed set has finally hit shelves, and we've just got to know if it's worth the price. That price is a heft $194.99 MSRP for the ten disc DVD / HD DVD combo set -- currently selling for around $135 at various online retailers -- and judging by the reviews, that may be its only notable flaw. Every review we've seen gave consistent praise to the audio and video quality of the remastered and retouched high definition transfers. The special features are also praiseworthy with some HD DVD exclusives, although digitallyObsessed notes a few are only available on the SD side. We have to wonder if Paramount might follow 300's lead and release a DVD-less set, but any Trekkies that pick this up can expect the best looking and sounding Star Trek: TOS ever.

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