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Double take on Duel Love boxart

Eric Caoili

Our eyes passed over Duel Love's cover design and dismissed the art as typical shoujo fare at first, but a second glance revealed a disturbing detail -- the shirtless figure in the foreground, Yuuki Jin, has no nipples. Sorry, Bandai Namco, but no nips, no sale.

If you're planning on picking this one up next March anyway, don't miss out on the preorder gift, an "entrance guide" DVD. For the uninitiated, Duel Love has you currying your crush's favor by cheering into the mic while your he wrestles one of his classmates, toweling off his sweaty chest using the DS's touchscreen, and nibbling on his earlobe via a rubbery Ear Pak that slides into the GBA slot*. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there'll be any opportunities for any tweaking minigames, given the dearth of male bumps.

Though many have mistaken Duel Love as some sort of homoerotic adventure, this simply isn't the case! Not only do you play as a female student, but the game is marketed towards women and follows a plot/style very much in keeping with the melodramatic manga popular with girls in Japan. Maybe that explains the missing nipples? Perhaps women just don't find our manly nubs very romantic?

*This last part is untrue and ridiculous.

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