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Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest 2007 gallery, from cosplay to concert

Jason Dobson

While we enjoyed speaking with the Final Fantasy XI dev team regarding the MMO and its latest expansion, Wings of the Goddess, that was certainly not all that took place during the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2007 in Anaheim, CA. From seeing planner Kenichi Iwao in a samurai helmet to rubbing elbows with more cosplayers than I care to admit, this past weekend's event was certainly a memorable experience, and we have the pictures here to prove it. Our thanks to event attendee Johnathan Perkins for the above pose, which had us rolling.

Mithra tail-grabbing antics aside, other highlights include a costume contest that saw an attendee dressed as the venerable Cid taking first prize, as well as an eclectic concert featuring both North American video game cover band The Smash Bros. and The Star Onion's own Kumi Tanioka. Click through to feel as if you were there, one frame at a time.

Gallery: Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2007 | 74 Photos

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